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Seeing if you pre-qualify will not affect your credit score. 4

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We talk one-on-one with you to determine which Loan, Credit line or Credit Card works best for your business.

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No two situations are alike.
We evaluate the requirements and do what is necessary to prepare you before submitting your application.

Your Business Financing

Our experienced team of lending professionals guides you through the process and connects you with the right SBA loan for your unique situation.

SBA Loan

Get matched with an SBA lender.


Loans $25K – $5M 1

Terms of 10-25 years 2
Interest rates of 4.75%-7% 3


Become credit-ready for an SBA Loan. 4


Business FICO™ improvement


Business Credit Building


Application Positioning

Credit Lines

Speak to one of our specialists about options.


Lines $50K – 250K


Terms of 12-18 Months


Rates starting at 0%

Service as personal as your business

Tell us about your business

Check eligibility by completing our fast, easy, and secure online questionnaire so that we can learn more about your business.

Hand-in-glove service

Credit Desk’s experienced credit and underwriting experts work in close collaboration with you until all the loan requirements are met.

Analyze your SBA options

Your Loan Consultant guides you through the process and recommends the best option based on your circumstances.

Match you with Business Financing

We match you with the right bank or non-bank SBA lender to best position your application for approval.

Seeing if you pre-qualify will not affect your credit score. 4

By the time I applied for an SBA loan, I looked like a perfect candidate.

Jones Family I Murfreesboro, TN

Seeing if you pre-qualify will not affect your credit score. 4

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“In just two weeks Alan Hayon was able to increase my Paydex (D&B) score from 0 to 80 (out of 100)! He also raised my Experian business score 30%…”

Joe Santier

“Alan is amazing! Not only did he save me thousands from what Dunn and Bradstreet wanted to charge ($10,000) but he also cleaned up my DNB…”


“As an SBA underwriter, I have to say there is no one better than Alan Hayon in getting both business and personal credit eligible for an SBA loan…”


“My company is and I am a Woman owned/Minority owned and Veteran. Allen was great, first call late in the evening we spent some time talking and while on the phone he plugged away…”



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Seeing if you pre-qualify will not affect your credit score. 4